Capture the flag

From Mor Afgin
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Materials, dimensions and year

Humidifier, PLA 3D printed parts, Corsair computer fans with blue LED light, Blue LED lights, Hacked refrigerator into Dehumidifier, Water. Installation, 2019.

Work description

The very first roots of this work, is in liberating water from tubes and inventing a Atmospheric water generator system that could make water from air, anywhere. The two mechanisms serve the opposite function, in one corner a device that humidify the air and at the other corner the device that dehumidify the air and dripping raw water on the space floor, Turning the space into a closed loop eco system.

Between them at the middle of the space the arced text "CAPTURE THE FLAG" as borrowed from online gaming ganere soaked with water on the floor and humidifies and disappears in few hours.


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