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Materials, dimensions and year

Painted MDF, coated glass, painted metal, electronic components, CFL light bulbs, plastic, pre-fertilized soil, wheat seeds, time, 150*40*40 Cm, 2017.

MA 4261black.jpg

Work description

In 2015 I started growing a cauliflower plant in a small container (about a 300ml). I noticed it didn’t grow any bigger than when I planted it, but didn't die neither. It seemed to sleep until the day it will be able to accomplish his life goal; reproduce. In that moment I realized that I have a backdoor to manipulate plants - and give them a significant extenuation of life period. In this work - a mechanism that artificially holds a wheat plant on the tipping point between life and death. all the variables are controlled by algorithms that give the plant all it needs to not die but at the same time not enough to grow taller and flower. The plant is never granted the opportunity to complete its designation: reproduction. However, at the same time - immortal, almost completely disconnected from his surroundings protected by 10mm glass and fail-safe mechanisms. Realizing it’s natural potential by growing seeds would allow it to become usable for those who domesticated it for thousands and thousands of years. Thus turning into a commodity. Doing all of these in zero dB, in a cold white space with all the edge of the arc technologies that let us make that delicate situation between life and death possible.


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